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Racing again
August 6, 2009, 8:20 pm
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Last night, I rode home from the track via an unusual route, to continue my conversation with a teammate. We turned down Metropolitan Ave and I reminisced about a race, three years ago, from Kissena to a bar after some track racing. I was riding my Pogliaghi, wickedly undergeared, flying in a pack down Metropolitan. At one point, I was dropped by the pack I was in, and eased up as I came to a large intersection, predicting that the light would change out of my favor. A rider tore by and yelled, “C’mon c’mon c’mon!” and we made the light, I recovered my motivation, and we caught back on. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s small encouragements that make you find that last bit of strength.

This time, on Metropolitan, my teammate and I gripped our bars, gritted our teeth, and toughed out a mile or two of hellishly rough roads, torn up in prep for repaving. I tried to think of a pun combining tracks or velodromes and Paris-Roubaix, but came up short.

I blame those miles of asspounding on a stiff, aluminum track bike for the state of my backside today. That, and the humidity and the sweat and the chafing makes me wonder if some how, undected, a nemesis slipped sandpaper into my bibs.

Nonetheless I agreed to accompany Al to“>Rockleigh<!–

a> tonight. In my easy weeks this past month, I’ve raced little, and felt a strong sprint tempered by difficult burning matches to get myself into position to use that sprint.

Call it coming off a peak, or needing rest. I’ll take it, gladly. But it’s time for it to end, so I’m re-filling my calendar with to-do races and looking forward a strong finish for the season.

As long as my backside cooperates.

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