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More Cyclocross This Weekend
November 20, 2009, 10:30 pm
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With plans to race Cheshire ‘Cross and Spooky Cycles’ race in Easthampton, I dug up the small list of reminders that I wrote myself after the races a few weeks ago here in Northampton.

They are:

*you can corner harder
*you can hammer in the big ring
*you can ride that
*but you should run that
*bring ibuprofen
*that’s not enough ibuprofen
*there’s plenty of time to enjoy life after the race.

The first two are pretty helpful. The third and fourth are pretty unhelpful. The fifth and sixth, well, I plan on that. And the seventh will probably be accurate, again.


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You might want to give this a read.

Comment by Buck

Buck, thanks for that link. It’s interesting. I’ve relied on ibuprofen to manage some chronic/regular pain, and it’s always difficult to tell the extend to which it’s working… nice to read report on a study that suggests that it can be harmful. I guess I’ll just stick to using it for acute stuff.

Comment by nooneline

Hilarious and inspiring. Have a blast!

(And then write about it.)

Comment by Velosopher

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