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2012 Giro to start in… Washington DC?
December 11, 2009, 1:44 pm
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The New York Times reported that organizers of the Giro d”Italia are in very serious talks with Washington, DC about starting the 2012 race in DC. (I’m sure that this was reported in a bevy of cycling news publications, too, but that it was reported in the NYTimes is a nice inclusion of cycling among more popular – in America – sports).

I would like the organizers of the Giro, and anybody who’s making decisions on behalf of DC, to take note of this:

I will travel to watch a prologue run on American soil. I don’t know where I’ll be living in 2012, but you can make no mistake of this. I will travel to watch the Giro. I will make a weekend out of a prologue time trial. I will spend money on your local event sponsors, I will scream for the cameras, and I will get all hero-crazy over all those lycra-clad freaks of nature whose job it is to run their bodies in to the ground for a month in May.

Not only that, but I’ll bring friends. We will be a convoy – nay, an army, piling our bikes into rented cars (no doubt dinging spokes in the process), cramming our bodies into whatever space remains, meeting up at rest stops to remind each other how giddy we are. We’ll get to our destination late at night, where ever we’re staying – a friend’s house, or some hotel or motel. Some will unload the cars, some will go pick up the others from the busses, and some will assemble our bikes for our morning ride. We’ll feel marvelously PRO, just a little bit, when we amble on a lazy several-hour ride that will (to be honest) be more of a can-we-find-any-pro-teams-out-riding reconnaissance trip than a training ride. We’ll sprint for town lines. We’ll come back and eat a lot of food, drink good beer or wine, and get ready to watch the prologue the next day.

It will be the highlight of our goddamn year. It will be awesome enough that during the other Grand Tour – you know, the one with the more prestigious color for a leader’s jersey – we’ll only be thinking about the Giro and how good it was for us.

Make it happen.

And then the next year, do it in New York City. On closed streets throughout downtown.

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The Giro d’Italia is by far, my favorite pro stage race. It’s early enough that the strong men of the season have yet to emerge from the peloton. Some people thing of the Giro as simply a warm up for Le Tour, but they are mistaken, it is very much it’s own race, and the only race I make a point of watching in full every year.

So, yes, D.C. . . I will be there.


Comment by Robot

Yeah, I love me some Giro. It always seems a bit less controlled than the Tour with less of the nonsense surrounding it. I’ve never gotten into the Vuelta. Two Grand Tours in one summer wear me out, and by the time the Vuelta rolls around I’m all like, “who are these scrubs? oh! I know that guy… oh… just ‘tuning up’ for Worlds. Screw this, what’s on Hulu?”

Comment by nooneline

I think it’s a dumb idea from a cost and team transport standpoint, but my college friends are all still in D.C. and probably will be forever = free place to stay! I’m so there.

Comment by KFuller

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