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Al is the King of NYC Roller Races
December 11, 2009, 7:11 pm
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My good buddy Al is the King of NYC Roller Racing. At last night’s roller races, he beat (ahem, BEAT) Olympic-level and professional track racer Bobby Lea and got to the finals, where he had a lead on Andy Lakatosh (as in, Andy Lakatosh!) before, well, finishing third to Lakatosh and somebody wearing stars and stripes – all things considered, a good result.

The cool thing about roller racing is that it’s a rare way in cycling to go head-to-head with people who are way out of your league, but whom you still have a shot of beating. Rollers offer little resistance, which all but removes power and strength from the equation – it is, in essence, a test of pure leg speed and its secondary requirements – stability, souplesse, and concentration, the latter of which is incredibly important in convincing your body to sustain 150+ RPM for almost a minute.

Obviously, Al wouldn’t be able to take these beefcakes on the track. But on rollers? Well, if it takes some National Champ and a pro to send Al all the way down to 3rd place, well – there’s no one in New York City who can take him. And he got to throw down with some national calibre races, and hold his own. And that is pretty damn impressive.

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if that is Al in the picture, he most definitely is a twin of Adam Colton. The longboarding buddah…..always a smile on his face.

Comment by Buck

Ha, I didn’t realize that Lakatosh is the dude from the Lehigh incindent. I think the rollers is the ONLY place I’d want to race against that dude!

Comment by Aaron

I very proud of you. You are the greatest!

Comment by Greg McGuire

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