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Anarchism in Practice, in Bikes
February 2, 2010, 7:11 pm
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I’d like to direct your attention to a post over on the Spooky Bikes blog called Why Bicycling [Magazine] is Evil. Doubtless, the author’s use of that mag as a punching bag – and he pulls few – will cause consternation to some. Put that aside, go down to the comments, pretend for a moment that you won’t add anything unnecessary to the conversation, and read this, posted by author, the owner of Spooky Bikes:

We are currently 1/2 through a development project for a fully integrated commuter bike that will be made 98% within 90 miles of our factory. Fenders will be rolled by the people who used to make fenders for Columbia. Lights will be stamped and formed 5 minutes from our shop, wiring harnesses will be made 2 doors down from us, tubes will be made at a family-owned mill in CT that Cannondale abandoned- CNC parts will be made by a family shop up in the Hilltowns. Everything except what comes from Michelin, DT or Shimano will be made here, by family owned businesses. We are trading- not exploiting- and we all need each other, like each other, and have complete control over what we do. That’s Anarchism in practice, and we are fucking proud of it!

It’s really lovely to realize that there are places where radical politics overlaps with conservative values, and that that place is not the festering swamp of libertarianism. Politics are a ring, mired in jingoism that forgets the effects of words and actions in favor of climbing any and every visible rung.

Me, I’m just glad that I have a bike from a company with its head screwed on, that trying to do good things in its economic ecosystem. Now, this isn’t exactly a review of my Spooky Skeletor, which I’ve been riding happily for a few weeks, but it will have to suffice for now.


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Maybe I should ask Spooky about this, but what makes that Anarchism?

I certainly like the local sourcing thing.

Comment by Velosopher

well i can’t speak for spooky. i can say that there’s little about that that is specific to anarchism; it’s just a good product of a good mindset, one that values people more than profit and takes good steps toward developing a solid local economy. cheers to spooky on that.

Comment by nooneline

Couldn’t agree more. Kudos on owning one!

Comment by Velosopher

What is the saddle on your spooky skeletor? Love it.

Comment by lalahsghost

it’s a specialized toupe, a paolo bettini world champ edition. i’m not usually one for sporting WC stripes, but i traded for it…

Comment by nooneline

[…] that hopefully doesn’t read like industry lubricant. I think that Spooky is a company with decent stuff between its ears. I like my Spooky Skeletor. Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed […]

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“It’s really lovely to realize that there are places where radical politics overlaps with conservative values,”

Yes, yes it is. That’s where I like most to be. Maybe I should retire my C’dale and get a Spooky!

Comment by Suitcase of Courage

Why, Suitcase, I’m surprised to hear you align yourself with anything radical — but pleased. 😉

Comment by Velosopher

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