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September 15, 2010, 2:09 pm
Filed under: the cycling world

I raced my first cyclocross race of the season on the mountain bike in the photo to the left.

A mountain bike is not an ideal cyclocross bike. That’s why it’s not called a cyclocross bike. It’s heavy and the small triangle is difficult to hoist over barriers. The fat tires deform unpredictably in difficult, off-camber corners. This particular bike has a particularly crappy drivetrain, which resulted in a tossed chain halfway through the race that sent me from having fun midpack to the shame of loneliness in a hot second.

But I’m riding it, for several reasons that tell a story about where my life is right now.

First: cyclocross is fun. Fun tends to mean pleasant people. Pleasant people means social interaction, which I need, because I’ve relocated from New York City to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Second: because I don’t have a cyclocross bike, because my cross bike recently went from this (or, more recently, this) to this in the amount of time it takes a driver to make an impulsive left turn without signaling or, it seems, looking.

And so, without a cyclocross bike, I moved to Minneapolis.

Here I am. Let’s find out what adventures are in front of me – even if what’s under me is a mountain bike.