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If I Lose 50 Pounds, Can I go Pro too?
February 6, 2010, 7:54 pm
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Ah, yes, the professional season is starting. It is, really. You can tell because there is a stage race where sprinters are the GC threats, and that the biggest news about another race is that Thor Hushovd isn’t racing it. Amid the catty preseason drama that passes for news is a cool story of one of the new additions to the Cervelo Test Team, Joao Correia.

The synopsis is that he was a pro for a hot minute fifteen or so years ago, when he was young. In the intervening years, he put on a few pounds, worked for Bicycling Magazine, and two years ago, lost the weight, signed with Bissel Pro Cycling, and started the 2008 Harlem Rocks Criterium with a whole Pinarello and finished it with two halves of a Pinarello.

In an interview at NYVelocity he displays some charm and wit, including referencing tweaking a Notorious BIG song to sing “It was all a dream, I used to read Winning Magazine…” and cracking wise about using the Pro Tour to train for winning a Central Park Race, and bringing Hushovd to help him do it.

You can find some more reading material at Bill Strickland‘s blog, with everpresent (but mild) snark at Cyclocosm, and over at some local, NY newspaper. As he races his way through Europe, you can follow him at his webpage and his Twitter. I don’t expect that he’ll post good results, but it’s hard not to root for a hometown boy.


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matty-o if you lost 50lbs you would probably die.

Comment by dan

Yea. Or climb really fucking fast.

Comment by nooneline

climb really fast THEN die.

Comment by Dogpound

perfect. (wince)

Comment by nooneline

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